Vista+explorer = disaster with my mybooklive

I’ve been using a mybook live connected to my router for about two years. I recently went on a trip and decided to put the drive in a fire safe to protect my data while I was gone. Really regretting that now!!!

On my return I connected the drive back to my router and now both of my vista machines give me a message “windows cannot access \\public” check spelling bla bla. Thing is my Mac can see and access the drive perfectly and more annoyingly Twonky server and WD backup software can access too. 

Does anyone have any ideas other than switching to Win7 which I really can’t do on my old desktop.


Did you pin the pubic folder of MBL to Windows Explorer? If yes, try to unpin it and pin it again. Looks like you pinned it based on IP but you are using dynamic IP for it so now it took another IP and therefore cannot find it. Go to the router menu, check the devices attached to it and check what is the IP that is assigned to MBL.

Thanks Vertical.

My Dell laptop doesn’t show the MBL in explorer at all…doesnt even find it when I try to map. On the other hand my HP desktop does show the MBL in explorer but comes up with the error in my first post when I try to navigate to it or map it.

I’m not sure what you mean by pinning? I do see the IP address assigned to my MBL on my router dashboard. 

This is definitely a Visa issue. I now have had two Macs navigate to the MBL without issue.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.