Vista and MBL - can't access

Hi all,

Maybe somebody can help here. As an introduction I can add that the MBL works perfectly fine on another laptop which runs Win7 64. It also streams without any problems to our TV.

The problem is on an older laptop. It runs Win Vista 32. All windows system updates done recently. Using NET 4.0

I can successfully

  • ping the IP

  • ping mybooklive

  • access through firefox (http:/IP/UI/)

It shows in Network as

  • MyBookLive

  • MyBookLive - Twonky 

WD Quick View sees the drive and even the folders in there but can’t create a desktop link.

WD Smart Ware sees the drive but when I try to log on reports an error that the network path couldn’t be found.

But that’s all I can see and do… I can start WDLink and it finds the drive but it doesn’t show the partitions or folders. Therefore I can’t map it with any drive letter…

Long story short. The drive is in the network, Vista can see it but I can’t access it.

Any ideas? I read a few Vista threads here but couldn’t find any solution.



Just for the heck of it make sure you are running the latest versions of Smartware and Quickview. Usually older versions are shipped on the drives.

Thanks for your reply. All versions downloaded directly from WD… So they should be up to date.

I’m really running out of ideas here. Another thread talked about user profiles and network shares. But this didn’t work either.

Help… I can’t be the only one with Vista :slight_smile:

OK… un- and reinstalled everything. No changes.

WD Link detects the drive and if I create a desktop link from thism tool the link then reports: network path not found.

Really weird…

HELP :confounded:

OK - hope somebody is still reading all that.

Did one last round of tests. This time with the MBL directly connected to the laptops. The results vary between Win7 and Vista and might help some of you to figure out what’s going on.

— the OS in both cases is German but you should get the main information :slight_smile:

In Win7 the drive is listed as computer, multimedia and storage device. If I click on the computer MYBOOKLIVE it opens all folders straight in the explorer. Fine.

In Vista it only shows it as multimedia and storage device. Not as computer. So it doesn’t see it in the domain.

Does that hint some bigger Vista problems? Doesn’t look as a user profile issue to me but I might be wrong.

Any ideas anybody?