Visibility of MyCloud to Smartware via wifi


I’ve bitten the bullet and got myself a MyCloud Mirror, and am now trying to set it up to backup a couple of laptops and a desktop machine on my home network. On the desktop machine the installed Smartware software can see the MyCloud fine, but if I go into the same Smartware software (having just applied the free Pro upgrade to it) all it sees is dropbox as a backup target - no MyCloud?

The MyCloud itself is visible from the machine via other routes (as a location on the network under Windows Explorer, the dashboard is installed on the machine and works fine, and quickview can see it) but as I’d like to use Smartware for the backup purposes.

Are there any tips, tricks or adjustments I need to make to allow Smartware to see and back up to the MyCloud? This is from a Windows 7-64bit laptop using updated firmware on the MyCloud and newly installed Smartware, Quickview and Dashboard.

Editted to add - just got a little weirder. I installed the same Smartview and Quickview install files (copied from one machine to the other) on the other laptop on the network (also by wifi) and it can see the MyCloud in Smartware just fine and back-up to it? The only install difference I can see is the problem laptop was the one I used to set up the drive initially, so has the dashboard software installed on it as well.

If I uninstall and re-install the software again, will that screw up the Pro license count?

OK, based on the second laptop’s results, I removed all three installs (quickview, smartware and set-up) from the problem laptop and reinstalled quickview and smartware. Now all is well, the drive is visible from Smartware and Quickview shows the same menu options for the MyCloud as the other laptop does. And the Smartware Pro license remained in place, so all is as I want it.

Quite what happened on the first install I do not know, but I guess it has to go down as one of those Windows oddities. Anyway problem solved :slight_smile:

Hmm, looks like I spoke (and “solved”) too soon…

Now I’m back again with Smartware Quickview only showing up the “wake device” and “forget device” options for the MyCloud on both laptops (connected by wifi via the router), although the older desktop machine (WinXP) connected by LAN still gives the full list of options under Quickview.

All machines can see and read/write to the MyCloud fine, but it doesn’t inspire confidence that Smartware is still there backing up everything to the MyCloud from all the devices. I’m starting to wonder if it’s either a speed issue on the network (as the router is quite an old 802.11b/g one, on my shopping list for upgrade), either directly or on the communications to the MyCloud’s CPU. The speed when copying to it is a little slow due to the router, so I guess it’s possible (and if too many devices are talking to the MyCloud then the communication to some of them can sometimes drop out and stop).

Any thoughts or similar experiences out there?

OK, now I have a definite solution (and I’ll finish off this monologue, as no-one else seems to wish to chime in).

The root cause was the age of the router - basically it was too slow for the job (it was an old Belkin b/g based one). I just updated it to a new Netgear gigabit router, so the network is now linked up via 802.11n and Quickview on all of the PCs can now see the MyCloud fine with full options, and Smartware again has it as a back-up destination.

So it looks like the WD software has a definite network minimum speed or else it basically goes quietly blind.