VIRUS? & Norton

Is anyone else running into this?

Norton is giving me the following error message when I try to go to sites.

Safe Web Report for:

Norton Safe Web has analyzed for safety and security problems. Below is a sample of the threats that were found.


  • Computer Threats: 1
  • Identity Threats: 0
  • Annoyance factors: 0
    Total threats on this site: 1

Threat Report

Viruses    Threats found: 1  

This report can be found at:

Is your WDMyCloud named as jayncloud.

And do you have a file under /Public/_MEDIA_SOFTWARE/_SOFTWARE/AUTODESK 2015/xf-adsk2015_x64.exe

If else probably there’s other suspicious file detected by Norton on your shares.

No I am not that individual and I do not have that file on my computer

I wondered that, but it looks like Norton has managed to get into someone’s MyCloud via, as that path certainly looks like a MyCloud file structure.

I don’t use WD2go, or cloud access, but I’m confused as to how Norton could do this; does it suggest a security problem with WD2go?

The other thing that occurred to me is that Autodesk products are widely ‘cracked’, and that a pirate copy, or pirate key  could well be infected with a virus.

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

We have passed this along to support 

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We have investigated the issue and determined this was not a result of a security problem with WD2go.  It appears that a user running Norton software either shared or received a shared link to an infected file that was hosted on a My Cloud device using When Norton software scanned the shared url and file and found a virus, the Norton software flagged the entire WD2go site as a security risk.  We have since contacted Norton to remove the immediate overblock and are in the process of discussing with Norton how to avoid overblocking in the future.

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I received the same message from Norton Security when I added my partner’s name as a user on MyCloud.  When she responded to an email from WD to verify her name, etc. and a request for a Password came up, Norton jumped in and declared that the site was suspect (or something like that).  Any way the same message as the original poster.

I just tried to go to the site and got the same Norton message.  So Norton thinks that is a bad site.