Virus problems with Smartware

Has any one had any issue with a virus attacking Smartware? Causing an issue making it unable to do a backup to completion? Thank much.

How do you know its a virus? Do you run periodic virus scans of your system? If so using what AV software and what did it find?

Smartware is like most other free/low cost consumer backup software, it won’t (on its own) scan for virus or malware while performing a backup. If your system is already infected, chances are good your Smartware backup is likewise infected. Some backup programs may include an option to initiated a virus/malware scan pre/post backup, but often that is a user initiated option/setting.

At this point I don’t think anyone has reported a specific virus/malware vector that specifically targets Smartware and changes the Smartware settings or prevents Smartware from running. Instead its possible that as a course of action the virus/malware vector has adjusted some other Windows setting/value that could affect backup software from running properly. Virus/malware often modifies Windows to prevent its easy detection and subsequent removal.


Thanks much for your response, I use 2 different virus programs, System
Mechanic pro and Malwarebytes both on auto update (and I check physically
as well every few days). I run these every day or 2 as well as clear out
all history, passwords and caches. I live in Ecuador now and this has it
own problems being online so I am extra careful. The reason I asked is that
WD tech has been working on an issue with me and asked. I have found no
infection of any kind. Issue; my Smartware has not been completing my
backups. Stopping and or freezing with in 45Gb or so of completing, again
not matter how long I let it run. I have uninstalled, rebooted, cleaned,
ran scans, downloaded new Smartware software over the last 10 days 5 times.
Each time is the same no complete backup. I have scanned the My Cloud, the
Smartware folders, my folder attached to My Cloud and my PC several times
with out one infection. Totally loss on this one. Any advise would be
greatly appreciated.

Couple of suggestions. Make sure to have the PC connected to the same Gigabit router as the My Cloud using an Ethernet wire connection as a test. Check the router and computer settings to see if it is intentionally closing the network connection, like for example if the computer hibernates or goes into sleep mode after a period of inactivity. Ensure no programs other than Smartware are running when the backup is being performed. Change the Smartware settings to backup a small number of files first to see if the backup completes. If so then slowly add folders until you find the offending folder/files that are causing the backup to fail.

Try using a third party backup solution like the following instead of Smartware:

EaseUS Todo Backup Free:
Macrium Reflect Free:
Paragon Backup and Recovery 14 Free:
Free File Sync (in Mirroring mode):

Will let you know how it turns out. Very good info. Thanks for your time
and consideration.



Sorry it has been a bit. Well after 3 more tech sessions it appears that
the problem was one or more corrupt files or folders, may be. This time it
is the same program to complete with out deleting it and reinstalling. It
came down to the last 45GB or so of files to be backed up, they started
with one folder of 19GB of videos, music and docs. This completed
yesterday, then today set the last 32GB or so to backup. They did complete.
I do have one last question for you and tech. When I checked the backup
folder it listed the backup as Sat. Oct.17 2015. This may be the last time
it started on the timed backup. I am concerned that I do have a new
complete backup of all my files now. This backup was started 4 days ago.
Any ideas? Good news is this is the first one to complete in a long time.
Again thanks for all your time and consideration.