Virus "Gael.d"


I’m a little desperate. I have a virus “Gael.d” on my MBL. I did Full Factory Restore. The Virus is still present. I suspect FPKMGR for this virus. In addition, I can not remove even after FPKMGR Full Factory Restore. My Firmware is updated (MyBookLive 01.00.14)

Someone can help me?
Thank you

If a full restore isn’t getting rid of it, then your PC is putting it back on there. Gael.d is a Windows virus. The MBL is a Linux system, so it can’t execute it.

Thank you for this quick answer. Why my AV detects no virus on my PC and only on my MBL?

Yes the virus is running on my MBL, it destroys all file .exe

Exactly WHAT on the MBL is the AV detecting? If you did a full restore, all files are deleted, so there is nothing to infect.

I downloaded programs on my MBL after factory restore. Here the example:

Virus identifié Win32/Gaelicum.A";" \TITANIUM\Patrick\Programme\Anti-Virus\avg_free_stb_eu_2013_2667_free.exe

Virus identifié Win32/Gaelicum.A";" \TITANIUM\Patrick\Programme\Typsoft\ftpserv.exe

Is destroyed all .exe