VIrus Found

Anti Virus Essentials says it has found a virus. I am not sure how to find it as the log doesn’t give any specifics. How do I find and remove this virus?

Following events are generated on your WDMyCloudMirror .

Event title:Virus Found
Event description:Anti-Virus Basics: Virus scan completed and there is virus found. Please check the virus scan report for details.
Event code:1502
Event time:05-06-2016 11:16:14 PM
Firmware version: 2.11.142

Hi, I have never used the Anti Virus Essentials, so I wont be able to provide any information on this. Lets see if another user is able to assist.

I am getting the same message but can find nothing in quarantine.

Is it just me or is there a lack of input from WD staff?