Virus attacked eeprom firmware and now HDD reads as SCSI

hello my friend. You came highly recommended. I tried to reply to one of your answers for the WD3200BEVT hard drive failure…and your answer was that each PCB disk controller board has a “unique” code…its in the EEPROM?

i have a similar problem…i downloaded a virus or malicious ware and the next boot, it blue then black screened with “NO BOOTABLE DEVICE” 

i don’t believe in coincidences…Timothy from WD Irvine, CA said it is the first time a virus penetrated deep into the disk controller and erased the firmware…

It seems that you are the expert here. and i want to know before i get stressed out, what are my options here…

the disk is not responding in my toshiba sattelite laptop L505 win 7…i changed from ahci to compatibility…i put it in my home pc and it reads CHS PIO 0, 0MB

i looked in disk management and there s nothing there except my DVD volume and IDE volume…

under device manager, it appears as SCSI…it was never SCSI

I used HCBD and ran MBR repair and other fixes…I guess it does nothing if the BIOS does not recognize it…

so I am wondering, is there any explanation for this ?  if  a virus can take it down, can’t programming or low level programming work? 

what does the trouble shooting tell you?

thanks for your time

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Hi dont post your email or phone number on these forums bad people come here also.