VIRTUAL CD ROM - SECURITY CHECK- How do I disable,,,, very frustrtaing (500G My Passport)

Hi Everyone

I have a few passports and recently I bought a 500GB My Passport USB HDD.

Model- WDBAAA5000ABK It has some virtual CD SW built in which my wife enabled some security settings which means you do not get access to the file structure unless you enter the password.

We know the password (which she created), which is not an issue in general access.

This is causing me issues as I have a samsung TV which plays file directly from its USB port and I also have a WESTERN DIGITAL media player and it cannot see this as a storage device as this disk has this security feature enabled.

Very simple question, how the hell do I disable the security check/virtual CD application.

Its very frustrating.

I raised a helpdesk with WD last night and Ive had no reply which is very disappointing. Appreciate any help/advice.


You should be able to disable the security on the drive by unchecking the use password box in SmartWare.  You have to have SmartWare installed to do this.