Virtual CD Manager cannot configure drives on firmware 20.18

In an attempt to hide the WD Smartware VCD from my device list, I followed WD instructions to update the firmware and then use the VCD Manager to configure the drives.

I updated the firmware on two drives (both My Passport for Mac 500GB) to 20.18 without any problems. But then when attempting to configure drives with the VCD Manager, I get a message saying that the Manager cannot configure the drives as they are and I must upgrade the firmware. I cannot upgrade the firmware any higher.

Looks like other people are having this problem too. It seems the firmware is a recent release, but the VCD is from Nov 2009? Maybe it’s just not expecting a firmware of higher than 1.x? Anyone successfully use the VCD manager with firmware 20.18?

Check this post page espesially #47 by Screwedcustomer  I don’t know mucn about Macs but people are having problems with firmware upgrade. I know it sounds dumb using Windows to updatefor mac.

Thanks for the reply.

It appears that the thread you are linking to is in reference to the firmware update bricking the hard drive. This is not my problem. I was able to update the firmware successfully. Afterwards, I was unable to use the VCD Manager successfully and a message indicated that I should update my firmware (which I cannot update any further as far as I know).

My current state is no worse than before (my drive works, the VCD appears in the Device list), but I would like to be able to hide the VCD, as I should be able to according to the WD instructions.

I do have a Windows machine at work, and I could to connect my drive there and try to use the VCD Manager in Windows, but I wouldn’t think that would help the situation. If it does, I’ll report back here.