Virtual CD isnot there!

I am new the this whole thing, so please explain plainly.

The thing is, my old Passport essential got too many bad sectors, so I’ve got it RMAed. They shipped me a replacement, the product code is a little bit different, it was WDBAAA3200ABK-PESN, but now it is WDBAAA3200ABK-NESN. The “old” one, when I connect it to my laptop, there are two drives, a VCD and the HDD itself, but now there is only one, the HDD, with Smartware on it. Is there anything wrong with it, and I’ve just formatted it, too. Now, it is empty (before, the VCD wasnt affected)

Added: Now I’m really worried, I followed the instruction oline to update firmware on my WD, but then, it said it cant recognize any WD HDD, installed the Smartware, too, it says the same

I have the same problem.  I’ve written to WD support but don’t have a response yet.  The instruction manual definitely says there should be a VCD.

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Guess what! Most of us trying get rid of VCD. And…  :smiley:

It is just weird, me dad’s WD have all the VCD on the same harddrives as well. Since this is a replacement, there p/n is different, the case is different(a little bit), and the software isnot the same, I just feel sth not right.

And, the firmware update cant seem to recognize my WD, constantly tells me to connect the drive, even when it is connected

I think the finally removed the VCD that was on the older drives. They made the changes a few months ago.


You may be trying to update firmware on inapplicable drive. I’ll check your drive model and get back to you.

When you check the part numbers, only country code is different. This shouldn’t be an issue for firmware update. Your drive may have a different issue.

I dont want my drive to have any “issue”. Why cant they make things normal, and plain? Thanks a lot for answering folk.

I recently discovered that on the new models the Virtual CD only appears after you use SmartWare to password protect the drive.  The VCD only contains the Unlocker tool, no other software.  You’ll have to download SmartWare from the web site if you didn’t save it before formatting your drive.

on the new models the virtual cd may not show, but you will have the files on HDD, if you format the drive and need the software again you can download it from

Your link is not that helpful. May be this is what you were pointing at…

My Passport Drive Contents: Windows

My Passport Drive Contents: Mac