Vintage (1990s) Drive

I have a very old (1990) Hardcard for an orginal IBM PC (5150) The disk is a Western Digital model WD93038-1 DATE 3-13-1990. I need to reformat this idisk. The specs are as follows:
Western Digital WD93038-X Specifications

Model Capacity Size Height Bus Type Int.Type
WD93038-X 32MB 3.5" HHT IDE XT

I am not able to get a more modern desktop to recognise this disk, so I can reforemat it. Are you able to help .

Many thanks

Why on Earth are you needing to re-format a 32MB Hard Drive !!!

Unless you are donating it to the Smithsonian and want to get rid of whatever is on the whopping 32MB … take a hammer to it, and bin it.

Thank you for this. The disk is actually part of a HardCard for an IBM PC5150. I am selling it with the PC, but at present, the PC is not operatiional. I would like to wipe the disk before selling the HardCard. So the hammer route is not an option.