Vimeo not working

I just got my WD TV Live and I hooked up it to my network. First I installed the latest FW. Everything seems to be working fine except vimeo. When I try to connect to Vimeo ( e.g. staff picks ), it says that the videos cannot be loaded. Also when I try to connect my WD TV Live to my Video account, it doesn’t work. It asks for the code. When I enter the code on the Vimeo site to register my WD TV, itjust hangs and waits. The same issue as reported below ( see link ) . I already did a factory reset, power off … etc but it doesn’t fix the problem. Internet connection is ok because I can use other services ( youtube, Flickr ). I have a WD TV Live with the latest FW release.

Verify that you can playback Vimeo from you computer without issues.  You may try a reset, by holding the reset button for 1 second, if t his does not fix it try rolling back to an previous firmware.