Vimeo audio cuts out

I just got a WD TV Live Streaming the other day.  It seems pretty decent except that the Vimeo app constantly drops the audio during playback.  The video playback is flawless - never a jitter or skip, but the audio is constantly cutting in and out.  I have two devices attached to the WD to receive audio (a reciever via optical and the TV set via HDMI) and both have the audio problem.  I can watch videos fine on my PC, so I don’t think its vimeo’s servers or my internet connection.  Also because the video never skips, I don’t think it’s a buffering issue.  Anyone else have this problem?

Also, on a slightly unrelated note - does anyone else find the UI incredibly unresponsive?  Some times I have to wait 20 seconds after I push a button on the remote for anything to happen.  Is this normal?

I have firmware 1.09.10.  I’ve tried restarting the device.  It’s connected to my router via ethernet cable. show my internet connection to be 14Mb/s down and 2.5Mb/s up - seems like it should be enough for vimeo HD?

Thanks for any help!  I really want to like this new gadget, but vimeo not working is a real buzzkill.  It was one of the reasons I bought it.

Same here - I haven’t run it since I last tried to hook up an external drive with all my songs and videos. basically the unit was unresponsive for 2 days trying to catalogue the files. gave up on it… 

Vimeo was working previously although on a different service provider it was choppy video playback of both audio and video… 

Nobody else is having this problem?  It’s been very consistent - almost every video will have audio problems at some point.  Even on different days at different times of the day.  It’s really annoying.  I haven’t been able to find anyone else with this problem, so is it possible my unit is defective?  I guess I should give WD a call?  I have a feeling they’re just going to blame it on Vimeo…

I have the same problem. 

I have a fast connection and have no problem using vimeo on the pc, or using the other apps on the wdtv.

However Vimeo is my favorite app, and the audio cutoffs does ruin the experience.

I’m having the same problem. The band Phish posts live concert clips on Vimeo, which is a real treat for a geek like me. I’ve never had any problems playing them on my computer, but the audio frequently cuts out when played back on my WDTV Live. It almost always happens when the band really starts to cook, which is extremely frustrating. Between this, no gapless music playback, and the frequent random ejection of my (otherwise perfectly functioning) external hard drive during video playback, I’m beginning to have the slightest bit of buyer’s remorse. The box does so many wonderful things on paper, but sometimes it’s clunky in its execution. Hopefully the firmware updates will improve things.