Viewing wdlive screen from remote location

Just wondering if it was possible to view the playlist of files the wdlive is playing from a remote computer.

Example.  wdlive is playing music in the living room and im in the kitchen on a laptop.  Can I view and change what’s playing on the wdlive?   I am aware of the remote at the ipaddress of the wdlive.


not easily

if you start playback using a DNLA control point that would work, you just check the control point, maybe an app on your phone

but besides that, there’s no good way to do this


Unfortunately that’s was my conclusion too.  Just thought I’d post in case someone had another idea.

I’m surprised that they haven’t put more funtionality on the webapp for wdlive.  Maybe in the future.

Would you know if 3rd party firmware can do this?