Viewing Videos within Folders

I have quite a few video files that I have spent hours organizing into folders of Catagories such as Action, Comedies, Animation, etc.

The folders and video files within the folders are on an external hard drive attached to my Windows 7 PC.   Is there a way to see the videos inside the folders I have setup (similar to the way they show up on my portable drives plugged into the USB port) and not all listed in alphabetical order no matter in which folder they are located in?   I would like to be able to go to the particular folder (say Comedies) to select a video and not have to scroll through every video I have to find the comedy i want to watch.

Why does the WD TV Live go out and just pull in all of the videos and not show the file structure?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Perhaps the problem is due to your Settings.  In my Live Plus I have the Video Setting’s Browser Display set for List Mode.  Then, when I go into the drive with folders and videos I see the videos inside folders and in alpha order (as they are on a PC).

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Thanks, I will go home and try that.