Viewing TV series with Media filter set to Genre?


Finally managed to get some of my tv series recognised by the Media Library.  When I use the TV show filter everything works fine.  I get a single thunbnail per show, select that I get a thumbnail per series, select one of those I get the list of episodes.  Great, exactly what I expected.

But, if I change the filter to Genre, and select one, I see every single episode of every series being displayed individually, rather than an icon per show as I would expect.  It’s really difficult to find any films amongst all the TV show episodes.  Is this right? 

Any ideas or suggestions about what I can do to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

P.s.  Silly newbie question - Is there any way of searching for a particular film?

P.s. SMP firmware 2.01.86

That’s the way it’s supposed to work.   You can’t have two filters active at the same time.

 Is there any way of searching for a particular film?

Press the search button on the remote.

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Thanks for your reply.  I have just realised that if you carry on down the list of filters you get a Movie option, so I can see movies without TV shows…

And thanks for pointing out the search button on the remote.  I hadn’t noticed it.  That will make life easier.