Viewing pictures on My Passport Ultra

I installed this new external drive back in April. I thought I asked at the time about viewing the pictures I have downloaded from my PC to this drive? I downloaded something like 30,000 pictures. I wanted to go into drive and make sure everything went as planned. Well time has passed and I have approx. 3000 more to download to external drive. Well I am concerned that something is arriy. I click on the icon on the lower right window taskbar that says something like View ?. It opens a window that shows PC volume of files and Ultra drive volume of files. I can’t figure out how to check the pictures that are on there. There is also an icon that says WD Backup in the lower right window taskbar. Can someone explain this to me? I would be very disappointed if when the time comes to backup my pictures and there’s nothing there! Like I said I need to put some more pictures on external My Ultra, but what if something isn’t working right. Thanks


Since you ran the first backup with WD Backup, I would recommend that you open your WD My Passport from “File explorer”. Under “File Explorer” open the drive: WD My Passport (or name you gave it) > WD backup.swstor > the name of your computer > Volume > Users > (select your user) > finally, you should find the picture folder with all your pictures.

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Boy you lost me there. I’m a novice. I try to figure out what you said and give it a try. Thanks

I can’t figure out what your saying. If I can’t just click on an icon and have the pictures come up that’s on my external drive, this program is to difficult for me. Did I mess up install something? Is there away to straighten this mess out? Thanks


Well my son came over and this is what we came up with:
Left click START
Left click Computer
Right click properties
My Passport L: drive shows wheel that shows used 1.50TB and 322GB free
Left click My Passport L:
It shows my Rick/pc
Left click on it and it opens 8 folders
Click on Rick/pc and it opens a folder that says Backup set 2016-08-21
Open it and click on Backup files 2016-08-21
Click on first file that says “Backup File 1”
opens E: drive file and it shows My Pictures just like I uploaded from my computer
Click on it and it shows all my files
click on one of those files and it shows OneNote Table of contents Microsoft Office OneNote
There’s backup files clar up to “Backup files 6254”
I randomly click on some of the “Backup filles” and yes they do show my folders and some shows pictures
So what have I got? Thanks

Let me ask the question in a different way? I’m running Windows 7 with mM Passport Ultra. P/N WDBBKD0020BBK-OB, S/N [Deleted]. I have two icons down in lower right corner of screen, WD Backup and WD Quick View. Shouldn’t I be able to click on some icon and open up my external drive so I can see the pictures that I thought I uploaded to? Thanks
I’m worried if I need to recover my picture files there won’t be there. I would we willing to reformat external drive and start over if need be! thanks

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