Viewing Pictures Issue

I created multiple folders under Public that contain pictures and video’s.    I bought this for a xmas gift to my wife so as to consolidate all media to one and also backup.  I have been moving media to the My Cloud in stages.  At first, I could go into a folder i.e. 2004 vacation… open an image and then within the viewer click the next arrow and view each picture within that folder.  I can no longer do that since the last shut down (doing this is secret so I cannot keep it the device on all the time right now).   Now when I open a picture, I see the picture and when I arrow to the next, I view the picture that I first opened since the reboot and any other pictures open since. 

So now each time I look at a new picture,  it show that picture then goes in order each picture I have opened since.  It’s like the viewer is pulling them from cache. 

Any idea’s? 

not sure exactly what you are saying so lets start with basics

What firmware is the mycloud on

what are you using to view the photos?

Is this local or remote?

It sounds like you are seeing the pictures but it is always starting from the begining. Is this correct


I am on the latest firmware… i do not have it in front of me right now.

Issue is local - have not tested remote yet

Windows image viewer is used by default

I apologize for the issue explanation.  I’ll put it this way… let’s say yesterday I went in and viewed 4 pictures from the Public share, pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4.   Today I go in and view another subfolder under public and view the first of 30 pictures.  I see the first picture that I opened using “Windows image viewer”.  I click the next arrow and I then get the pic1 from the day prior adn then pic2, pic 3 and pic 4.  If I continue, it goes back to the picture I open initially and cycles thru pic 1 thru 4 again.  I am not able to see the other pictures in the folder unless I open each one separately.

Thanks again

what version of Windows? I have 8 and don’t have anything like that, I gernerally use Breeze Browser

It sounds lile this is pulling the images from the DLNA server and not the filesystem

you could try going into the UI on the mycloud in settings / media and turn off media streaming. if the pictures go away then the image viewer is using DLNA. if may have options for filesystem or view DLNA by folder

I just checked and I have the same problem if I view them with the WD My Cloud Desktop app. If I use the WD My Cloud Public app the photos work fine. I am on my desktop computer now, I will try my laptop and see what happens.

I have Windows 7 SP1.

If I find a solution I will post it.

Update: I have the same problem on my laptop, Windows 7. The pictures open up with Windows Live Photo Gallery on my laptop and Photo Gallery on my desktop.

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Good to hear I am not the only one.  I will try your suggestions this evening and post back.  Thanks!


I had the same problem. When you map your WD drive it is possible to view all the pictures.

If you need further help let me know.

Has anyone received an aswer to Viewing Pictures Issue