Viewing photos from ipad

What is the best way/ app to view photos that are stored on my wd live tv from my new iPad. All my music, photos and videos are stored on my wd live (with external WD usb storage) and it makes no sense to copy directly to iPad. I installed the ZappoTV app which will stream mp4’s nicely but not avi or other video formats like mts (hd video camera file). Any help appreciated.

Western Digital has not released an official application for said purpose, additionally, having the exact combination of a WD TV Live HD Media Player with an External Hard Disk Drive attached and an Apple iPad as well is very specific and not accessible to all Users. 

Perhaps you could try on Apple forums for additional information on different apps designed for streaming to an iPad, you could also connect your External Media Disk Drives directly into your computer to provide sharing permissions and see if it yields better results.

I do not have an iPad, but I have an iPhone. I have an app on my iPhone called dixim dmc that does some of what you are asking for. It acts like a server so that you can stream mp3s, photos, and videos to the WD box. I don’t know if it is available for the iPad, but I thought that I would mention this to you.

Doesn’t the Live Hub have a media server built in? I only have Live Plus’s, but if the Live Hub has a Media Server that can stream stuff out, I am sure you could find an app to receive the streams.

Folks, i found a nice app called StreamToMe, it works well streaming jpgs and mp3’s. you are able to specifically point to directories on the WD media player so its nice that way. You have to install software on PC of course to make it work. However mp4’s are not as good as i experienced the videos occasionally stops or freezes for a few seconds. Not very enjoyable. When i play the exact same movie from WD on ZappoTV, works like a charm. For now its 2 apps. Here is hoping WD comes out with an iPad app soon that addresses all 3 media.