Viewing photos and leaving my cloud on

Hello. I have a MyCloud 2T storage. When viewing some photos, the photos are clearly showing as icons. However, on some files they are showing as the “camera” icon so I have to open them with the mouse to view. How to change my camera icons to show them as real photos?

Also can I leave my storage on all the time, or should I switch it off when not using it?

The My Cloud units are designed to be left on all the time 24/7. However they can be shut down if one desires using the Shutdown option found within either the My Cloud Dashboard, using SSH, or using one of the WD software programs. If you have a v2.x version My Cloud there is additional discussion on the shutdown issue in other threads that can be found using the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, and searching for “shutdown”.

On the photo issue, are the photos with no icon/thumbnail a different format than those which are showing an icon/thumbnail? What program are you using to view the contents of the My Cloud drive? Are you viewing the My Cloud from a local network or remotely?

Cheers for the information. I have another question - Do I have to log separately?