Viewing MyCloud content in Android devices

i have installed app on both my Droid Mini and Tab4. i can see the files, but with specific regard to jpeg files, it will only display the icon info for each photo but not the actual snapshot of the picture content within the icon. without such, very difficult to find a specific phone. in addition, when i click to see the file, it starts to open it then gives me a message “cannot access file”. can this be remedied? and as ab FYI, both devices have no issues displaying jpeg files that were capture on the device, so this doesnt appear to be a matter of the device not being able to read jpeg.

Hi frekaholic, welcome to the Community. What app are you using, the WD Photos or My Cloud app? 

i am using the MyCloud app.

thank you

Hello all,

I have the same issue. After downloading the android app, I connected to Mycloud but see only icons but pictures.

Someone can help me? 

*same issue in both apps : wd mycloud and wd photos

Thank you so much


mhlai wrote:

After downloading the android app…

Which app? The WD My Cloud app or the WD Photo app?

Both apps should open and display supported picture media files. Typically with the WD My Cloud app, if you click on a link the program’s viewer cannot open or play, it will pop up a dialog box listing apps on the Android device and allow you to select an other app to open the file. No problems viewing JPG and GIF pictures on a Nexus 7 and Motorola Droid Mini using the WD My Cloud app and no problems viewing JPG files with the WD Photo app.

did you disable the wdmcserverd & wdphotomergerd services? these provide the image services and are needed to use photos with the apps

how many photos do you have on the mycloud? how long have they been on it? it is possiable for the above services to take many days to finish if you added a lot of images. also do not shut the mycloud off when not using it as they will never finish then

I think it could be the case. You’re probably right!

I uploaded some 20’000 images from my backup disk to WD NAS. You say it needs days even weeks to regenerate thumbnals? Why so long? 

thank you

mhlai wrote:

I uploaded some 20’000 images from my backup disk to WD NAS. You say it needs days even weeks to regenerate thumbnals? Why so long? 

The reason why the WD My Cloud takes so long indexing and generating thumbnails is because of the low powered processor used in the device.

The WD My Cloud (at least the 2TB version per this link) apparently uses a Mindspeed Comcerto 2000 (M86261G-12) dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 Communication Processor running at 650 MHz and has 256 MB of Samsung K4B2G1646E DDR3 RAM .

Thank you for info.

So I will remove these photos and re-add them litle by litle. By this way, I can see it works. My photos are organized by dates so it will not take me to move them around.

I will tell you later 

Thanks again

there shouldn’t be any reason to remove them as it should pick them all up over time. some should have already generated.

It’s been two years. Hasn’t there been a published solution or fix for this?

Jpegs don’t show on my Kindle. Sometimes they do for a few days but then the machine locks up again.

Very unreliable and frustrating.