Viewing My Cloud files in Finder/Thumbnails for photo viewing

This is a two question post since I couldn’t find the answer in any other post. First, I want to access my files on the two My Cloud drives remotely through finder rather than using the My Cloud software so I can map my photos in OnOne Camera Raw.

Second, can the My Cloud software display thumbnails of photos, including RAW files, to make searching easier?


Officially its not possible to do so since WD removed the ability to remote map a My Cloud through the web portal several years ago.

Unofficially it might be possible but it depends on the version of the single bay My Cloud one is using. There is an unofficial mod for first gen v4.x single bay My Cloud units that allow for remote mapping.

It might also be possible to remote map a My Cloud using FTP but FTP is an insecure protocol.

What My Cloud software are you using on which Mac device?

On an Android phone the mobile app will show thumbnails of images. Don’t know if WD fixed or added RAW however as there were complaints in the past about that format.