Viewing MTS video files on mycloud *mobile* app

I have MTS video files on my mycloud from a Sony cybershot camera.
They come up on the mobile app on my Droid phone with a ‘?’ where the thumbnail should be.

I try to view them but get an error. I’ve downloaded several MTS player apps but none work.

Have you looked at the User Manual? The following image comes from the User Manual for a 1st generation My Cloud.

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Thank you Cat0w,
I have the manual and studied the page you shared. It shows MVS in the list.
I can watch the MVS files on my PC and on my boxeebox media viewer no problem.
It’s just trying to view the MVS files through my MyCloud Mobil App. I get that question mark where the thumbnail goes, then clicking the file gives a request for a viewer app.

Oops, I’m so sorry. Looks like I was confusing MTS with MVS.

My files are MTS. still apparently supported as they play on my PC, but won’t play in the MyCloud mobile app on my Droid phone.

***** Solved******

MX Player works.

Found it here