Viewing Movies on my PS3


I’ve recently started ripping and encoding my DVD collecton for storage on “My Book World Edition II” NAS to view through my PS3

All the movies are encoded using the same M4V profile in Handbrake, however, my problem is that whilst some movies are detected and show up in the PS3 list as a “watchable” movie some simply do not. The movies are located in the correct folder when I view the the contents of the drive through my PC which is baffling!

The movies in question that the PS3 isn’t able to “see” only have 1 thing in common that I can tell and that is there size, both being slightly over 4GB. If anyone can shed some light or point me in the right direction on this situation I’d be very grateful. Thanks.

Hi there… As far as I know, the PS3 has some issues with file plyaback over 4GB, just Google “ps3 4gb limitation” and see…