Viewing mkv on PS3

I have loaded all my content on the MyCloud.
I turn on my PS3 and discover the WD Mycloud media server.
I cannot hover access any .mkv video files for viewing. it either does not show the file, or when it does it states unsupported format.

I have 2 other media servers and both of those can be accessed by the PS3 (mkv files).

I have an android device, and when I try and access the mkv files from my phone on the mycloud I have no issue, so it is something between the mycloud and the ps3.

Are you able to provide some guidance please?
Do I have to tweak the twonky media server?

The PS3 doesn’t support MKV files.

Chances are, your other media servers are “transcoding” media servers and are converting those files to a format supported by the PS3 “on the fly”.

Twonky Server on the Cloud is not a transcoding media server, so it won’t do that.

Yes I do use ps3 media server to play them currently. Is there a solution? The whole purpose of me getting the mycloud was to ditch the pc which I used to use for streaming. Any idea if there is a transcoder that maybe resides on the ps3?

This is something I’ve wrestled with for some time now too. I can verify though that the PS3 does not support MKV in any way, under any update.

Your file collection will have to be in MP4 or AVI. The MyCloud has another problem with MP4’s though in that it has a tendency to change your naming conventions for some reason. I’ve started a thread about that nightmare here.

I.M.J. wrote:

… it has a tendency to change your naming conventions for some reason. I’ve started a thread about that nightmare here.

I also answered your question there.

I used PS for almost a year and was still looking for a solution to play MKV on PS3, until I found this on a avforum:

MKV is famous as an open standard free container format which can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture, or subtitle tracks in one file. It is intended to serve as a universal format for storing common multimedia content, like movies or TV shows. Although MKV is one of the most popular formats, it is still impossible to play MKV on PS3.

To successfully play MKV on PS3, a widely used solution without limit is to convert MKV to PS3 compatible formats, no matter you are Windows user or Mac user.


According avforum, I choose Faasoft Video Converter to convert MKV to PS3 supported formats and then I can successfully play MKV on PS3.

just get a wdtv box - cheap and plays anything