Viewing item on NAS not in Media Library

I’m currently moving a lot of my files round from HDDs to MBL NASs, and wondered if anyone could answer the following.

So, for example, if I have a folder on the NAS containing all of the 6 episodes from the TV series Absolute Power, I’ll have 7 JPEGs in there too.  One will be ‘folder.jpg’.  The others will be Absolute Power 01.jpg, Absolute Power 02.jpg, etc, etc.

On my old WDTV Live, if I access this on an attached HDD it shows as tghumbnails correctly, but if the series is on my NAS, even when looking in video I end up seeing all the files in that folder, so the 7 jpegs come first and the 6 MLVs are at the end.

Now, with my new SMP I have 3 MBLs and I will have my films on 1 & 2 and other media, including TV series on MBL 3.  Only the films will be in the Media Library.  MBL 3 with my TV series will not be in the Media Library.

Will the folders/files show as on my old WDTV Live attached to the NAS, or will it show correctly (in other words with the jpegs invisible) or will it show all those pesky jpegs, as on my old WDTV Live?


Steve W

Yes, from a NAS, it will still show the additional JPGs as additional files.

You can do a workaround, though, if you precede the JPG files with a “.”  

Such as:




Thanks.  So if I precede the jpegs with a dot the jpegs just ‘disappear’?

Let’s say I have that folder for Absolute Power.  There are 6 episodes (6 MKVs), each MKV has an identically named jpeg and there’s a 7th jpeg called ‘folder.jpg’.

If I put a dot before each of the episodes’ jpeg will the MKV still show with the thumbnail?  Do I have to put a dot in front of the MKV file name, too?


Steve W

Yes, if you put a DOT before the JPGs, they won’t show up as extra files, but they WILL still appear as thumbnails.

Do *NOT* put a dot in front of anything else.

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Excellent.  So:


.Absolute Power 01.jpg

.Absolute Power 02.jpg

And so on, right?

Exactly the same as now, but just a dot in front of every jpg, and it’ll just show the MKV files with thumbnails, same as it did in the old system with media on HDDs on a WDTV Live?

Great stuff - I’ll get to work.

Kudos added.

BTW, will this also work for my old WDTV Live (which is attached to the same network)?

Steve W

Good news.

I got home tonight and did a bit more transferring to the MBLs - the ‘dot’ isn’t necessary.

I can view all of my films, and limit it to only my films, in Media Library, but have my TV programmes only visible by Folders, and as such visible as on the old WDTV, without having to see the jpegs - just thumbnails, and all without adding the dots.

Great stuff!

Steve W