Viewing files from a removed hard drive

I have several “my cloud” drives and haven’t had any trouble with any of them until recently. One of the ones I’m having issues with is still under warranty, but the other is too old so I’m attempting to fix it myself.

It seems that the only thing wrong with the older one is the network interface. I get a yellow light and cannot view it on the network or through the “my cloud” app. I pulled the hard drive out and placed it in an external hard drive enclosure. The disk spins up, but is not formatted for mac os. That said, EaseUS data recovery is able to find all of my data although everything now has a generic “FILE###” filename.

It seems like the disk is completely fine and I can’t help but feel I should somehow be able to recover my files with filenames intact. Short of buying another drive and voiding the warranty just to connect the drive to a functioning network interface, is there any way I can get my data back?

you have in your hands a Debian linux hard drive. You can install in Win/OSx software that allows you to see the drive partitions (lots out there on the internet), or use a Linux machine or Live CD.

FYI… Just about any NAS brand out there, will be some light flavor of a Linux version

If you would like to see if you can recover the whole NAS, search for the debrick/unbrick guides on this forum. There are a couple, pick one.
Or also look into this, if willing to have some other OS on mycloud.