Viewing cloud files

I want to know if this works just the way Drop Box does for playing back files on a tablet or smart phone. With Drop Box, I click on a photo file and it appears immediately on my tablet with out having to down load it first to my device. With videos it streams the video immediately with out having to down load it. I have tried other cloud services that require the file to be down loaded to the device before you can view or watch it. I don’t want it to work that way.

With My Cloud the files are accessible from the tablet as if you were connecting from another computer within your network.

You can also stream videos with the My Cloud without needing to download to the tablet or phone.

Please see the link bellow for instructions on how to use with the My Cloud app.

How to access files on a WD My Cloud, Mirror, EX2, or EX4 Personal Cloud drive using WD My Cloud Mobile App