View user connections and active downloads

On my EX4 I would like to be able to login to the console and see a screen that shows what users are connected and what files are currently open or downloading. Bonus points if I could set a throttle limit for their downloads so it doesn’t kill my crappy upload speeds. 


Idea submitted for voting.

Some (not all) of this info is currently available in /var/log/user.log via SSH but it would be nice to see it from the dashboard. I would love to see this feature on EX2 as well. Voted.

Yes, please, on the EX2 as well. 

I agree with laxmankk11’s idea, it would be helpful.

Wow, I was just looking for a feature like this last night. I would love this to be added! I vote yes.

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This has been in review for a year. I just bought the EX2 but don’t see the feature. Was it implemented? And how do we vote on these, just click the kudos icon?

Another question if anyone can answer. Again this request has been there for a year - yet not implemented.

\ *Are there not enough employees working on these features? Or what is the issue from WD’s end?*

Users have given great feed back to make your products more successful and competitive. It’s in your company’s best interest to invest in the talent/work hours needs to make a better product/OS.

Im happy for you that you provide this user feedback forum. But also sad for you that you haven’t used it to your fullest potential. Basically you have a group of after-beta testers who are paying to use your product, and giving you great feedback. Thus all you have to do is take their user experiences and capitalize to make a better product that more people will want to buy. It helps users and helps you.

I could go with other company’s NAS that has more features. But what is good about yours is it’s easy, more straight forward. Thus if you add features then you’ll be ahead and reach even more consumer groups (who would never want a complicated NAS from others).

Don’t be like Apple, where it’s easy to use, but they restrict you and force you what to do. Be more like Android, where you have a choice for each option, good interface, and many features are available.

Even within your workforce, have a tally on a certain feature/issue. If 50% of your employees disagree on what setting to use - then that’s a clear indication that the public will also be divided on their needs - and thus give that feature/ issue a SWITCH/ Option to be used or not used.

(This is related to turning off public shares, which you have since implemented on the EX2100, but not the EX2).

Then learn from that example. People like choices and features. If a buyer has a choice between your NAS and another, they will go with the NAS that enables the choices for their needs, has the features they want, and is easiest to get there. You can be that company if you harvest our ideas and feedback.

What is the key point of NAS’s? DATA. What is required of Data? RELIABILITY/ Integrity of STORAGE. You make hard drives so you have the primary advantage to be making reliable NAS’s / backup units. So grow from there and become experts at the OS/Network issues of NAS.

I hardheartedly agree with this suggestion and believe it should be expanded to include a displayable log file with statistics on share/user usage IE. (dates, files, bytes transferred, etc …). This would be a very useful addition and allow proper monitoring of resource usage and proper user discipline in a shared environment.

Please …

Yes plz…

yes please