View/Preview the file before copy/download

May you include a preview of a file before we decide to download or copy it for your next update.

should look like this:


@Istar If this is your My Cloud don’t you have an idea or know what is on it? Most things provide a preview although they are small. See 1st image. See 2nd image for another way to look at PDFs etc. before downloading. Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them.

Image One

Image Two

Opening a image using the second image/method and using the arrow keys you should be able to move through all the images and see them. Download is available at bottom right of each image.

Image Three

I’ll add this image too. After selecting and opening this PDF document so I can view it I click on the image to select it and then right click on it to copy. This is an example image, complete image is not shown for privacy.

Image Four

Good day sir,

Thank you for showing me that it has a solution for the preview.


Sir, why is it we have a different popup menu? I only have this:
and you have this popup:

and another one, the icons from your interface is also different from mine.
you got this one:

and I got this one:

My MyCloud has the latest firmware: Firmware Release 04.05.00-342 (09/04/2019)

(* When I click to file, it will download it automatically)
(* When I right click to it, it will show my popup menu)

Thank you again and more power to you and your team.

@Istar There isn’t a Team, I’m a user just like you. My PDFs and other documents show an icon just like yours where my images, jpeg’s, show the small preview.

My suggestion is that you surf around looking at all the things you can do when you log in online. Click on an item to see what comes up, right click on an item to see what type of menu shows etc.