View Media Folder without filters

I’m having what I sincerely hope is a rookie problem!

I just setup my WD TV Live Streaming Media Player, connected tot he network/internet access, updated to the latest firmware, entered the Username access to my desktop PC, and successfully added three folders to my Media Library: TV, Completed Downloads, and FILMS. My aim is to get these three folders labeled as favorites so I can access them directly from the Dashboard.

Alright, so my next step is to hit the Blue button to access my Dashboard. From here I have the Favorites list (the default setup of Netflix, Facebook, and so forth). The only other options are New items, Queue and Recently Viewed… all of which filter my Media Library so I’m unable to select any of my main folders (or subfolders) in order to label them as favorites! If I manually statr a movie by navigating to it outside of the dashboard, then sure enough it will appear under the Recently Viewed filter. Of course this doesn’t help me unless I manually start and stop a bazillion movies, and then add each one as a favorite individually, which of course would negate the point of having favorites at all!

Given this setup, how can I simple make those three folders favorites in my Dashboard?

Yay I figured it out!

For those with a similar problem, here’s the solution:

  1. Go to Photos, Music or Videos from the Home screen

  2. Press the Red button

  3. Select My Media Library

  4. You can now highlight a folder, press Options and then set it as a Favorite!