View Logs very primitive!


I hope this gets to WD dev team as an improvement to the firmware, because among other problems, one of them is the simple Log View of all your events.

There is no posibility to simply  select all of them in a row after DATE. If i want to see everything I don’t want them to be grouped after LOG LEVEL. If i have more then 1000 log events, i will not have a clear view on what’s going on if not all logs can be seen in the order that they were created.

Seriously, WD doesn’t pay attention to the mature OS’s on how to log and read events (Win Server 2k3,2k8,2012, XP, Win7, and so on )? They don’t need to “reinvent” everything, just make stuff work and be logical.

Hi adicrst, you might want to post your suggestion in the ideas boards. Here other users can vote for your ideas, these are taken into consideration for future updates.

Thanks jubei04

I did that right now