View full Episode Info in user generated themes

Hi all,
I’m a long time WD SMP user and have all my media, mostly TV shows on my external hard drives in iso formats - for eg. Designing Women Season 1 Disc 1.iso

For a long time I did not know how to add xml as I use a mac and not a PC and then I figured out how to create Xmls using hubbflow for Macs. Since each dvd contains multiple episodes, what I did was manually copy info and generated the XMls and this works fine in the WD Mochi theme as I can scroll to the next page using the next page button on the remote.

But the same is not possible in User generated themes. I downloaded Simplicity and Alaska Dark which are both awesome themes but the option to move to the rest of the episode summary is not there.

Am I missing something, is there another way to scroll to the rest of the summary? or is that option not present in user generated themes and I am stuck with using Mochi.

Would appreciate any help as I’m a complete novice and like using the wd as it allows me to play isos.

Thanks in advance

i could never even get that to work on default Mochi theme … so i have no idea

Lol. Thanks Joey, I hope someone can offer a solution.