View files?

This is maybe a dumb question as I’m not too computer literate.
I used to have a Clickfree C6 external hard drive. I could view and search all my backed up files, and monitor backup progress. anytime I wished. Now I have a WD My Passport external hard drive. Is there any way that I can similarily view the backed up files on this unit? It doesn’t really matter all that much to me, but it would give me something else to do, and besides, I’m just curious.
I’ve looked around for a path, without luck. If it is possible, what do I do next?

Thanks for any help and advice…Dave

WD back up files are encoded and unreadable, whereas the ClickFree files were just copied (as is) from source to the ClickFree drive, I believe.

Do you know if there are advantages, or disadvantages with either system?
And if there is no advantage in WD’s methods, and with the price being
comparable between the two units, why not offer the same feature? Do you
believe that WD’s system protocols are superior to Clickfree’s, regarding
data preservation and recovery?
Not to worry about it too much. Just wondering…Dave

“Assume Nothing”

Dave, look, i never used Clickfree drives although I bought some cheap at close out price years ago (500GB HD) but never used them. (I do things like this too frequently, i.e. buy and not use! Makes no sense.) They were (are?) a Canadian company. This how I know of them.

I have a lot of media files, and I want usable copies of each file and not (encoded) backup versions that are not readily usable in case I need to recover any individual file. I prepare much of my media files on one large HD, (e.g. movies) and then copy the files to my WD NAS connected to my network where I can access and play these files from various gadgets I have. So, I have “backups” of these movies, (i.e. the ones on the original disk), and I use/play the copies.

Most backup programs do not work like the Clickfree drives which made copies of the files on PC as they were created. Files and data collections are much bigger today, and encoded backups likely take up less disk space, because the files are likely compressed as backup is created. The Clickfree method would use more disk space and fill storage disks quicker, but either method has its purpose and pros and cons.

Thanks Mike. That was very informative, and I think I actually understand
about 80% of what you’re saying.
I wasn’t aware that they were (are?) a Canadian company. I do know that
their support lines are disconnected, so that’s probably a pretty good
indicator as to their current status.
I don’t have any movie media files, and likely never will. But I do have,
what is to me, a considerable library of music and family photographs. Here
again, not having an overabundance of computer savvy, i’m thinking that
what you’re saying is, the Clickfree allows for easier access to specific
backed up files whenever one needs a specific file, as opposed to My
Passport which simply offers an assurance that should there be a
catastrophe, one would have a full data record available for backup, and
system reparation. Correct?
Also, is it possible to incur any form of data degradation, by using the
encoded backup with elevated levels of compression. This sounds like it
would be the case with My Passport? Does the data retain all of it’s
original integrity in any case? Or, is it better to have file data
compression levels as low as possible?:thinking:

Thanks again for your help…Dave

“Assume Nothing”