Viera TV no longer seeing folders in MyCloud, love some help!

Hi everyone,
I have a Panasonic Viera TV which has always played nicely with MyCloud. I access it through a media server app on the TV.
It is still connecting to and seeing MyCloud but suddenly won’t show any folders. I’ve rescanned the MyCloud but with no effect. I don’t think I changed anything and am not sure what happened. My files are still visible and available when connected to my Mac.
Google hasn’t been my friend so far, I’d appreciate any help.

If the Viera TV uses DLNA to access the My Cloud then check the My Cloud Dashboard to ensure Media Serving is enabled on the Shares containing your media files.

Sometimes a My Cloud restart may work to fix certain issue. Also it helps to set a static IP address fro the My Cloud, either within the router’s DHCP server administration page or in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Network section.

The following thread may also be relevant because your using the media server.

I’m having the exact same problem since installing the latest firmware upgrade.
Before the firmware, I was getting a slew of ‘ghost’ duplicate files listed for some reason - not folders, just file names.
Now that I’ve done the firmware, the Viera is seeing the drive, but the drive displays no folders or files at all.
Accessing through my computer shows everything to be right where I left it.
In dashboard, under SHARES, Media Serving is enabled under my share profile, and says I’m using 2.5TB.
In dashboard, under HOME, it also shows me using 2.5TB, mostly for videos, some for photos, music, other, so it’s seeing the files at some level.
In the SETTINGS tab, under MEDIA, the DLNA Media Server says I have 0 Music Tracks, 0 Pictures, and 0 Videos. These numbers remain the same after a rescan or a rebuild.
Diagnostic tests are fine.
I am mystified.

Have you read the Twonky FAQ in the post above? That will probably give you the answer.

I did, and thank you for putting that together.
I assume you’re referring specifically to the part were both Media Serving and Media Streaming had to be switched on, which they were, so I continued to be perplexed.
I got it working either through voodoo or coincidence. I created a fresh Share to see if I could make it work. As soon as I tried to populate it, the original changed from 0 Music Tracks, 0 Pictures, and 0 Videos to 49 Music Tracks, 931 Pictures, and 2788 Videos which is what I’d been hoping for. The original now showed up fine on the Viera, with no ghost duplicate files. BUT … I’ve been unable to watch anything all the way through without it spontaneously restarting or switching to a different movie. I decided maybe a rescan was now in order, only to find it was already UPDATING DATABASE all on it’s own. So I’ll wait for that to finish and see if it stabilizes. Thanks again!