Videos won't play off ex HDD

I used to own a 1st gen wdtv live and had my 2TB external hdd hooked up to it.  It played all my videos fine.  So I bought the 3rd Gen one about a week ago.  I hooked my hdd up to it and it won’t play any of the videos.  I’ve tried mkv, avi, mov, and mp4.  Basically I click to watch the file and the orange arrow just keeps going around.  I’ve waited upwards of 10 mins and nothing happens.  

Any help would be appreciated.

*Update:  I just checked to see if I could play music or open any photos and none of that worked either.  Also if I access the hard drive from my PC I have no issues.

It’s working now.  Spoke with support and performed a factory reset.  After that everything just ended up working.  Thought I’d keep this on the board for anyone else who may have this problem in the future.

Nice, glad to hear you are up and running, and that WD suppport came through for you. It’s always great to hear that tech support actually supported the customer. Too many times (not with WD) I have given up with the person on the phone that was supposed to be helping me and just figured it out myself or with the help of some other user on the net,

Good Luck