Videos won't play after updating to release 1.03.01

i’ve recently purchased 2 wd tv hd media players which i was initially very happy with. however, i have recently updated the software from version 1.01.01 to Version 1.03.01 and now none of my videos will play. i have tried 2 different external usb disk drives so i know it’s not a faulty drive. most of my videos are mkv’s with ac3 audio which used to play fine on both players before performing the update. the part number on both units is WD00AVP-00

can anyone offer any advice as to what may have caused the problem? i have seen some other posts about mkv header compression, but i don’t think this is what’s causing my particular problem as i’m trying to play the same videos that were working fine prior to installing the update

thank you

i’ve managed to fix the problem by downgrading to version 1.02.07. my advice is don’t upgrade!

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