Videos partially playing (2-3min) WD LIVE

All media are stored on WD Live Media HUB. Video files play correctly throughout, can skip (if trick mode available), pause etc. 

Media (.mkv, .mp4, .mov have tested multiple formats) will play through the first 2-3 minutes, then quit back to the main folder view. File size has no relevance it seems 400mb-2GB same issue. 

Media files play fine on the computer (VLC) can skip throughout, the file itself is there. The WD Live Media Hub only plays it partially it would seem. 

Have reset the device (3 times) to factory. No change in partial media playing. 

Some files will play completely. some will not. cannot determine the underlying issue. 

The Hub is useless at this point. 

All firmware has been updated on both the streaming hub and media hub (actual HD)