Videos not showing up

Hi All

I have attahed an external HDD to MyCloud and all vidoes on the external drive are showing up properly and I can watch on my TV.

However the external drive was getting full and I moved half of the movies to the MyCloud internal storage. But all videos on the MyCloud storage do not show up and can therefore not be played.

I have Media Serving and Public Access enabled on both shares.

Any ideas?

Hello strandy, welcome to the WD Community. Check page 103 of the manual for the steps to rescan the library. This should help recognizing the new files.


Thanks for the hint.

However this does not resolve the problem.

I have even reset the software and also tried both the rescan and rebuild option.

As long as I do not attach my external drive, MyCloud is indexing all videos on the internal storage.

But as soon as I attach the external drive, only videos on the external drive are indexed.

Any other ideas?