Videos not showing up from Internal storage

I just got my WDTV hub yesterday and connected my hard drive by usb to the hub to transfer movies to the internal storage HD. The problem I have is that the WDTV shows everything synced and ate the space on the int HD but the video file says its empty?

If I connect to my network it has no problems seeing the movies from and ext HD. All my movies are in Video_TS folders

What do you mean by “the video file says it’s empty?”

What I mean is when I select “Local Storage” for my videos it says “There is no media in the current folder”. When I select the Live hub from my network it shows all the movies were burned to the internal HD.

Got it figured out. I had to reset it to factory default.

now the next ?–is there a way to get all my movies art/info at the same time or does each one need to be done individually?