Videos is showing all my home videos as well as my DVD ripped movies

I have used Boxee and XBMC on my PC, and both have the features to “add sources” where i specify where my movie files are.

Whereas in WDTV, it zealously combed trhough my whole USB drive and indexes anything that looks like a video file and lists them in the Videos section. 

I am not sure about other people, but having to page through 50 of my home videos before I can locate and start watching my ripped MP4 of Avatar does not sound very fun to me.

Is there any better ways?

I have tried filtering by folders, but my movies folder is nested pretty deep below the root, so have to drill down 5 levels of sub-folders is not exactly an exercise that I would enjoy.

Basically, I just want a way to tell WDTV that only some video files should appear in the Videos section.

Any ideas?

Ooops… Sorry, never mind…  My suggestion doesn’t work on the Live / Live+…