Videos folder is empty


I have not posted in a year since my hub has been working fine with FW 2.08.  Today my Hub stopped working per my wife.  I turned on the tv and was able to navigate thru menus, but when I selected videos, the folder was empty.  I was able to navigate to files and see all of my videos and play a bluray MP4.  I can also access the HUB via the network and see all of the videos. I unplugged it when it booted it showed that it was compiling and showed 19 new files.  But then the videos folder was empty again.  I have back-up of everything and could potentially transfer all contents to my NAS and reformat if needed, but that would be a major PIA.  Plus, I am running XBMC on a HTPC and use the HUB as a NAS for it.

Any help on what do do would be appreciated.  (Turn off for longer, upgrade firmware, etc)



Try just clearing the media library.

Before trying that I went ino settings and set local storage as the media location and things came back.  Not sure why this happened.  Thanks,