Videos Don't Appear in Folder on Mobile Devices


Now that I’ve been using my EX2 for photos, works pretty well.  I have a photos folder and would upload photos. In those batches some videos were also uploaded.  The videos appear on my Macbook when I open Mycloud and I can watch them, but they don’t appear in the folder, or a 2nd folder I created as a test called “Movies”

My mobile devices are Samsung Galaxy 5 phone and Samsung Galaxy Pro 8.4 Tablet.  Both Android devices play video content.  Any one can explain why the videos are not appearing in the folder when in …

Okay, as I’m typing, a light bulb went off.  I’m viewing the folders in the WD Photos App. Duh. The videos do appear when I open the WD Mycloud App.

Therefore, I have now, at least I believe, answered my own questions.  The WD Photos app is only for photos.

Please some one ding ding ding “we have a winner” me if I nailed this.

If so, at least someone else may come along with the same question

It is actually correct; WD Photos will only display pictures.