Videos are stuttering all files

All of my videos stutter when being played over network share.  I’ve tried clearing the network login, reset, and turn off network share.  The connection is faster than lan since i am getting 150mbps.  All the videos stutter at the same time in each video

Not sure what to say with this one.  I’ve experienced that when my PC HD started working hard for a period of time (as my files are being access through a wired connection to my Win 7 PC workstation).  I know I’ve abandoned wifi for any HTPC or media box (this goes with stuttering issues I’ve experienced with custom built HTPC and other manufactures media player devices).  I’ve found the the best consistency, wired is the way to go.   But with wired, I’ve had the odd stutter and blame it on something on my PC at that time doing a lot of data I/O on the HD that I’m reading from (i.e. torrents coming in and out).

Tried a wired connection, still the same error

I’ve found with wired, the stutter occurs, but less often.  I have to hit stop, then resume playing. 

Don’t know what to say then.  Sorry.