Video works only in Local Drive


I’m having a strange situation with some videos. If I access them using my network (those are videos located at my computer), I receive the error saying that the WD Live TV can’t reproduce them. But if I copy those videos to an USB and connect the USB to the WD Live TV, I can play the video without problem.

Any thoughts about what is happening?



How are you accessing them, network shares or via a media server?

I’m using Network Share


The only thing I can think of is some sort of naming issue (locally that won’t be a problem because the Live is Unix and accepts a lot more name types).

If anything is hinky at all about those file names (too long, any spaces or odd character, or more than one period (.) I’d try renaming one to, say, file1.avi and see if it will play then.  Otherwise I don’t have a clue.