VIDEO_TS folder problem

Here’s the scenario:

I have 400+ movies in my WD internal drive. I noticed that all are in alphabetical order except for a few that are showing up at the very end of the list. I noticed that what these out-of-sequenced movie folders have in common is that they all contain VIDEO_TS files. I thought that might be the sole reason for WD not recognizing them correctly, but in fact I have other movies that contain VIDEO_TS files and they’re listed correctly.

I tried the following with no success:

  1. Put the individual VIDEO_TS files into one folder. Ex:

Movie Title (folder)

          VIDEO_TS (folder)




What this ended up doing was removing the movie from the list altogether. Even though it’s still listed in my WD TV Live Hub on my computer, it doesn’t show in my player.

If I take them out of the folders and leave them in the first level, the movie shows up again (but again NOT in alphabetical order but at the end of the 400+ list of movies.)

  1.  Tried re-labeling the folder the same way some of my other movies are structured: 

Movie Title (folder)

         Movie Title VIDEO_TS (folder)

Still no luck…the player doesn’t recognize the movie.

Any suggestions/solutions would be greatly appreciated. 

Wow…did I stump the panel! :dizzy_face:

So after an hour or so of troubleshooting I figured it out…it’s the almost-fixes-everything solution of “Clearing the Media Library”. In the past week I’ve been cleaning up, consolidating and editing all the movie files so my guess is the WD had to do some catching-up.

So my final (yea right) question would be: should clearing the media library be done on a regular basis? As routine maintenence?