Video trailer


Since it isnt possible to add a video link sheet which I would have used as a trailer for my movies I have decided to add my own lin to the xml for movies which has a video looking linksheet with trailer. Have a look and let me know what you think.

That’s pretty cool. If there wasn’t already a preview mode it would be fantastic. Just tryin’ to figure out the advantage. I’m sure others will want it because it IS cool to be able to do. Do you take much of a performance hit with it implemented?


no performnce hit as these trailers are streaming from youtube as pert of the xml information. All you need is network access to stream them. Preview mode is useless as this only shows the movie. It would be great of it would run the trailer instead.

would be nice if, you post how you did it

where there any theme xml edits needed, etc …

I’m sure the info will be usefull

Here’s a guess … at how it’s done

The “Trailer” has been created in a “Video Editor” to resemble a moviesheet, and then uploaded to Youtube

Then " The Dark Knight.xml" has been edited to include the Youtube Trailer Link

eg. The Original Youtube Trailer Link …

replaced with this ‘custom edited and uploaded’ user created trailer


ok…by the rational that this actually can be done…can a video linksheet be used in place of a picture linksheet…hmm

this is something i have been trying to do for months… has anyone succesfully achieved that?

And if so post how its done TY


You can’t use a “video linksheet” because there is no way to invoke the video player.  If you linked a video instead of a image, the HUB/SMP wouldn’t know what to do with it because to make it play a video you would have to get it to start the video player which can’t be done through theming.

I really like how you did this a lot…how exactly did you do it? Like step by step pls?  What you did with the trailer is what I’ve always wanted to do with my Hub