Video suddenly playing out of order

I’m playing files off a MyCloud with several HDs attached.  I have Media Library set to OFF, so no XML files, etc (I use the lovely freeware Playlist Creator instead).  Nothing has changed in this setup for over a year. Everything had been playing normally in alphanumeric order. 

Then, a couple of days ago, the play order switched to (apparently) random. There’s no way to predict what will play next.  I was just trying to play the TV series Saxondale, and rather than follow the expected playback order “S01E03, S01E04, etc.”, playback order was all over the place.  I can’t see any logic to the way it is skipping around.

I’ve had WD TVs since the earliest days, and have seen this issue pop up before.  This is, however, I’ve hunted the forum for a solution.

How do I make it switch back to alphanumeric playback order?  Did I do something inadvertantly to cause this?

My guess is you changed the playback mode to Shuffle.

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I never use that feature.  Can you tell me where it is? (I use Playlist Creator when I need a random play).

On your WDTV

Setup > Video Settings > Video Playback Sequence >

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Thanks to TonyPh12345 and JoeySmith. Sure enough,Video Playback Sequence was set to Shuffle. I changed back to Repeat All.

But this is one of those settings I ‘set and forget’ (literally, it seems).  I’m close to certain that I didn’t stumble through the Setup menus and change it accidently, not just once, but several times over the years of WD TV ownership (used HD and Plus before Streaming). Possibly the wife did is the culprit, but doubtful.

Is there another way to change playback to Shuffle?

As always, I’m perfectly willing to entertain the possibility I’m loosing my marbles. But would strongly prefer a different explanation.

The other way of changing the Video Playback Sequence to “Shuffle” without going into the “Setup” menus …

Press “Option” button while playing a video … press “Ok” on “Play Mode” and if you select “Shuffle” then the global Video Playback Sequence is set for all videos.

(i just tested this now on my WDTV … eg. went in Setup > Video Settings > Repeat All    then played the video

below and selected “Shuffle” … went back to Setup > Video Settings and it was on “Shuffle” instead of "Repeat All)

That’s what probably happened by accident … i personally would’nt worry (or blame anyone) … at least you know

now what to look for if it happens again.