Video Stutters and Audio Drops (Overheating Issue?)

Lately if the unit has been left on in screen saver mode, you can forget about getting through an entire movie.  The casing feels pretty hot and videos will stutter with the audio being completely dropped.  The condition takes place regardless of what connection type I use, wired or wireless.  File formats do not seem to play any role, as once it starts to happen, it does it for all files.

I’ve switched out all involved equipment and tried numerous little things, with the only successful result coming from a fan directed at the unit.   You can feel the heat being blown out the other side of the unit.

After a minute of being fanned, the unit is fairly cool and operates without further issue.

Using WD TV Live HD Media Player

Part# WDAAN0000NBK

Firmware: 1.04.17_V

Pretty sure I have had the unit beyond it’s initial warranty period, so I may be left with modding the unit to provide additional cooling.

This is overheating, no doubt, this WD TV is in a good ventilated location?

Yeah, it is on a top shelf all by itself.  The room sits at about 72 degrees all day long.  Yes, I have moved it to diferent places near the tv to see if that would help and it did not.  The only solution is to have a fan blowing across the unit through the side.

Worst case, I am stuck cutting a hole in the case and installing a small fan such as the type used on Graphics Cards.